AP Legal, Lawyers in San Javier with the European day 112

From AP Legal, we want to commemorate with all of you the European Day of Emergency Services of 112. This day is intended to promote the proper use of this emergency service 112 among the citizens of the European Union. In these times of pandemic that we are facing, we want to remind you that you have at your disposal this unique toll-free number to attend to all emergencies, whether ambulances, police or firefighters, that may arise both in Spain and in other member countries of the European Union. As a curiosity, it was from 2009 when the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union signed the agreement to create the Annual European Day of the emergency number 112. And it is, precisely because it is 11th February (11/02) which is commemorated today.

From APLS, we wish you are keeping safe and stay home as much as you possibly can.