HAPPY VALENTINE´S DAY from APLegal to all our friends and clients

 In these turbulent times that we are living, any excuse is good to exalt love and affective relationships of all kinds. And you may wonder, what does a law firm have to do with love? Well, indeed a lot and for various reasons. The most obvious is for tax reasons. In Spain, as of the day of the publication of this post, there are tax benefits based on kinship, which affect our annual income tax returns, for tax residents in Spain, and also when facing inheritance tax before an eventual will. That is why, yes, the tax legislation of Spain benefits consanguinity, marriage, family, even applying (to date, we insist) a bonification on the current the inheritance tax due , which, in some autonomous communities  said reduction is of 99%, as it is the case of the Murcia Region.

 However,  the reason, this not so obvious, that has led me to write this post about such an apparently commercial and consumerist day as Valentine's Day, has been none other than its origin, the background of the beautiful story of a such Valentine in the Rome of Claudius II. Valentine circumvented the prohibitions of the Emperor Claudius, who abolished weddings, so that young people would not marry so that they would not have ties and thus be more available and free before battle. This priest married many couples in hiding, until he was imprisoned and executed on 14th February  270. It was later Pope Gelasius I who made him a Saint and added the day of his execution to the liturgical calendar to celebrate love.

 While many countries in our environment, such as Spain, the United Kingdom, France.. celebrate the international day of lovers, others also in our environment such as Finland, Estonia, Denmark or Norway among others, not only give  in some cases a different name to this day but have a slightly different meaning , celebrating it with loved ones and friends, in a tribute to friendship. We, at AP Legal Lawyers in San Javier, do also wish to join to the tribute to friendship and greet all of our friends who read this post as well as those who follow us.