AP Legal Services first opened in 2003 in San Javier (Murcia) - one of the main locations for real estate success in the San Javier, Mar Menor area. The founder, Adriana Pérez ,has given her assistance and legal advice to thousands of clients, both residents and non, since opening her Law firm.
Adriana graduated  from Law School at the University of Murcia. She went on to obtain a Masters Degree in International Law at the University of Alicante.  Throughout her life she spent extensive periods of time abroad (USA, Germany, the Uk and Ireland). These experiences have made her sensitive to worries and difficulties one can live through when living in a foreign country. For this reason, she has made it her firm's mission to make the Spanish legal process accessible and easier for her clients.

Our team at APLS is diverse and multilingual. We specialise in Real Estate Law (conveyancing, extinction of co-ownership, rental), Family Law (inheritances, incapacity, divorce/separation, custody), Fiscal Law (Non-resident taxes & Resident Income tax) as well as Litigation and Business Law.

We are not your usual law firm. Our international backgrounds, expertise in different legal fields, attention to details and customized legal approach for every client, make us the right choice to handle your legal affairs in Spain.

 Let our experience, expertise and care be your guide.