Conveyancing property purchase

At AP Legal Services we understand that the prospect of purchasing a property in Spain can feel overwhelming. We provide our clients with  total guidance from the day they choose their dream home, to the day they get a hold of the keys. This process can be a daunting task , especially in a foreign country, without the right legal advisors. We are here to help you through this. 

Conveyancing - Property Sale

We assist our clients from the moment an agreement has been reached  between the current and future owners. From the private purchase and sale contract,  to the completion of the transaction by signing the public deeds at the Public Notary in Spain, and subsequent assistance with taxes- we support our clients throughout the entire process.

Non-Resident tax liabilities

We are Fiscal and Tax specialists. This means that we are highly qualified to represent our clients' interests before the Spanish tax Authorities, acting as their fiscal representatives on all Spanish tax matters. We will complete and submit all necessary tax returns on their behalf, whether on a yearly or quarterly basis. 

Resident Tax liabilities

We aim to give our clients' a comprehensive approach to the complex Spanish taxation system. Being tax specialists and highly qualified with the British tax system, we guide our clients, advise them and submit their yearly income tax returns. We also update our clients with regards to new and/or modified tax legislation. 

Testament & Inheritance process

We highly recommend anyone with assets in Spain to have a  Last will and testament made in Spain to cover these. There are important legal matters to consider when signing a will in Spain, which we will guide and advise you taking into account your personal family circumstances.  We will draft the final testament,  in both Spanish and English, to be signed in front of our Public Notary  in Spain, accompanying you through the entire process. We at APLS are specialised in Family Law and upon passing of the testator, we will ensure that the will is executed in accordance with the wishes of the testator. We shall deal with the whole inheritance process  making  it as simple and understandable as possible for the heirs. 

Litigation & Mediation

We assist clients in a wide array of Court cases. From Civil to Penal cases , your success is our commitment. We advise and support our clients, and guide them through the sinuous roads paved by the Spanish Judicial System. 

Management Services

For the many requirements both residents and non-residents have to abide by in Spain, we at AP Legal Services, assist our clients through them all. From the obtaining of the NIE number, the Residencia (or new TIE card) or change of drivers licence; Should our clients need assistance with their utilities, banks or insurances....We are always delighted to assist them with all of these administrative issues.